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Homeworks Frequency: Fortnightly
Day: Tuesday
Timing: 'Asr to Maghrib
Venue: Islamabad
Contribution: Bring along a presentation
Contact: ihomeschoolers@mail.com

A session of children’s presentations, moms’ discussions and tea.
Our presentation club, Baitul Urooz, is something one of its kind. It was formed in 2011 with a couple of Islooite homeschooling families. We have had a lot of sessions since then. Some new families have joined slowly and started to homeschool. Some other people have become interested in homeschooling by attending the club meetings.

Every person’s presentation is always inspiring, interesting and we always learn from it. Being confident and doing your own presentation is wonderful, especially with homeschoolers around! Get to know us better by clicking here.


Session 27 November 2012

Reported by H.S (10 yr old homeschooler)

In the presentation club of of 27 Nov 2012, we had plenty of people but just 3 great presentations. The presentations were especially important because my newly-homeschooling cousins were present and they were watching for the first time, so these presentations would be their presentations’ role models!  First was my sister Aymun, presenting on Imam Malik bin Anas. Aymun explained how so-called heroes of today are nothing compared to our amazing Muslim heroes. She also talked about Imam Malik’s upbringing, his life and school of thought. Z.W’s presentation followed up. Even though she had prepared it at the last minute, it was impressive - a presentation on Eesaar, which means preferring others over yourself. Z told us different interesting stories of pious people about Eesaar. A very important presentation for us all! The closing presentation was mine about the Silver Dirham - a Islamic currency of the past.  I explained how this single tiny piece of silver with the Shahadah embellished on it changed lives forever, telling the story of two people who became Muslim as a result of their finding of the Silver Dirham. I also showed some Chinese, Pakistani, and Canadian coins, discussing how the messages they carry only promote nationalism and nothing fruitful. Then the presentation session ended - only 3 presentations but long enough ones to take up the time of 5! Later, the new homeschooler Bahraini Aunty also added a Bahraini coin to my collection and I got several from B.W as well. Alhamdulillah for good friends!


Session 16 October 2012

Reported by H.S (10 yrs old homeschooler)

The Islamabad homeschoolers gathered up, for a change, at Misbah aunty’s house a homeschooler mom who pulled out her 11-year-old girl recently from school. The cozy little house was perfect for a presentation club. As soon as everyone had arrived, the presentations began. First was Khadeeja Kiyani presenting about the Fijar war and Prophet's (saw) role in it. Next went Khadeeja’s older sister, Maryam Kiyani, presenting on the significance of the first 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah, which are about to start. Maryam explained the great value of these days, what we should do in them (basically Ibadat – worshipping Allah) and how Rasulullah (saw) spent these days. Overall the presentation was very beneficial. Next was Emel, the hostess aunty’s daughter, presenting on the creation of Allah. Emel showed us a pinecone - a complex creation of Allah and also how a tiny creation of Allah - a tiny insect had joined up several small sticks with silk thread and made a round-shaped home. The insect house was passed around and as everyone observed it they all must have felt the true power of Allah the Creator. Subhan Allah! Emel’s cool presentation was followed up by my sister Aymun’s presentaion on Surah Infitaar. Aymun explained the meaning of the Surah, and also, how we can take a lesson from it. Finally was my presentation on “How to be a good big sister!” I gave tips that I had gathered from my own experience of dealing with two younger siblings. I feel that this is a very important area for families. I, too, have to implement some of these tips but I hope they benefitted the others too (it seemed so :)). I also showed a drawing I had made; titled “Sisters at Sunset” - which everyone appreciated a lot due to its colours and the technique of showing the sisters from the back only (to avoid drawing faces). With that, the presentation session ended, and play-time for the kids and talking-time for the moms began!


Session 25 Feburary 2012

Reported by H.S (9 yrs old homeschooler)

This presentation club was special! It happened after some gap because we had gone for Umrah. This time, it didn’t take place in our house, but in Alfalah Manzil. That’s because (1) we could invite ALL of the homeschooler families, plus some new ones who were looking into homeschooling, and (2) the fathers and the boys could also come and sit separately. Some of those invited couldn’t come, but the regular set of families was there plus a few more.

First went little Khadeeja Kiyani, presenting a children’s novel that she had read: “See-saw Girl” by Linda Sue Park (one of my favorite authors). The story was set in Korea, where girls from rich families could not leave their homes except when getting married. With a little help from her older sister, Khadeeja did an excellent and remarkable presentation. Next, my sister Aymun did a presentation on Umrah – its excellence and method and our experience, using the model of Masjid-ul-Haram that we had made. Subsequently was a fantastic presentation by Ameenah. She had designed and actually stitched her very own dress! She had made it for a competition and won second prize. I really liked the structure of the gown and the way it drags a little behind you! Afterwards was me. I read out two chapters from a book I’d written myself: “The Horse Races - book 3”. It’s about a girl called Amna who participates in a horseback race and also, along with her friend, gives da’wah to a non-Muslim girl who finally accepts Islam. Lastly was Maryam Kiyani’s presentation on Solar Energy. She talked about the disadvantages of generators, and the advantages of solar panels and how you can be eco-friendlier by using them.

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