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About Us

HomeWorks is a support group dedicated to the cause of Muslim / Islamic homeschooling. We are here to support you in your home-education journey, whether you are just setting out, are experienced homeschoolers or are only looking into it.

We want to earn the pleasure of Allah (swt) by helping Muslim parents raise righteous and capable children through homeschooling. Though based in Pakistan, we hope to be a beneficial resource for Muslim homeschoolers around the world. This way, we intend to serve the cause of Muslim unity.

Muslim homeschoolers have a unique identity and needs, but few online platforms exist to serve these. HomeWorks is here to give you such a platform, where you can not only find physical and online resources, but also support from like-minded people.

HomeWorks aspires to become the voice of Muslim homeschooling, In Sha Allah. We are starting small, but hope to add many features to this website in the near future, working towards these goals:

1. Promote homeschooling: Spread the word about homeschooling and its advantages.
2. Support homeschooling: Parents have challenges, concerns, doubts, and questions. They need information, advice, inspiration, and encouragement. Thus, our website lists FAQs, events, activities and other resources. In the future, we plan to build a community section for healthy and focused user interaction.
3. Direct homeschooling: Homeschooling is what you make of it. HomeWorks helps you to aim for lofty goals, and optimize this opportunity where you, not the school, is in charge of your children’s education and upbringing.

A believer is a well-wisher for another believer. Be a well-wisher by giving us honest and constructive feedback. Looking forward to hearing from you,

The HomeWorks Team.
1433 H / 2012 

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