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Connecting with homeschoolers

While getting started, it is a great idea to connect to families who are homeschooling.

  • Try to locate some homeschoolers in your area. If you are living in a country like Pakistan, where homeschooling is still rare, you may not find homeschoolers in close vicinity, but only in other cities. Don't lose heart; distance is not a major barrier in communicating with them in the current internet age.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact other homeschoolers through phone or email; you’ll mostly find them very welcoming and encouraging, and the spirit of Muslim brotherhood / sisterhood will be clearly felt In Sha Allah.
  • Try to associate yourself with a few or even just one such family in your area.
  • Let your kids spend time with their children so that it is reinforced that there are others like them. Not only children, but parents also need this assurance and confidence.
  • It is good to be able to arrange field trips and other activities together.
  • If you are estranged from such families, or perhaps travelling very often, you still have the option of joining online mailing lists or groups, interacting through homeschoolers blogs, and subscribing to homeschooling magazines. If Allah wills to benefit you from somone, it will happensomehow or the other In Sha Allah, sometimes quite unexpectedly!

You need to find both factual and emotional support you need, from whateverresourcesthat are available to you. Even devout homeschoolers of a few years experience may encounter rough patches and knowing that you are not alone helps considerably to get back on course.

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