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Most often new homeschooling parents need to condition themselves to accept the breakaway from conventional schooling. Whether the child has previously attended school, or whether it’s the parents’ own schooling that’s has been so ingrained into their systems, parents usually have to go through a de-schooling process. It may be difficult to shake off the deep-rooted bondage with the classroom environments, including school curriculum, 40 minute subject sessions, grading and reports and even the need of about 20 kids in a room to carry out learning.

In either case, you really need to have faith, and make Dua that your new undertaking be fruitful and rewarding. If you are facing doubts or concerns, it is a good idea to do Istikhara before taking the decision of homeschooling.

It is important to clearly understand in your heart that your primary goal is to please Allah. You seek to educate children at home to help them be better Muslims and protect them from the wide-spread Fitan. This thought alone can give your spirits a good boost!

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