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Following are some of the myths regarding homeschooling. As you do your research, and get in touch with homeschoolers, you'll soon realise the fallacy of these wrong notions. So, beware! ITS NOT TRUE THAT:

Homeschooled children won't learn how to socialise

Homeschooled children miss the valuable social life that school children experience

Homeschooling does not prepare children for the real world

Homeschooled kids lack discipline

Parents are not qualified to teach their children

Homeschooled children don’t know how to take tests

Homeschooled children are not getting a quality education

Homeschooled children can’t get into college

Homeschooled students won’t be able to find a job

Homeschooling requires the kind of patience most parents don’t have

Homeschooling parents find no time for themselves

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